Holiday Hosting in A Small Kitchen

Not everyone has the luxury of a large open-plan kitchen or huge kitchen countertops in their Charlotte, NC home – but that shouldn’t hold you back from hosting a great holiday party! With some planning and smart use of space, almost any kitchen can be used to feed a large group of people. Here are a few tips:

Five Ways To Make The Most Of A Small Kitchen And Limited Kitchen Countertops

1 – Move prep activities into different rooms

As much as possible, your kitchen should be focused on active cooking. So, everything else should be moved to other spaces. For example, prep work could be done on the dining table – just hold off on setting places until everything is ready to be served. Also shoo people away from the kitchen, unless they’re actively helping, so they don’t get in the way.

2 – Ask guests to bring passable/appetizer dishes

You probably aren’t going to have enough kitchen countertops to serve your food buffet-style, so make people aware of this before they arrive. Tell guests to bring food in easily passable dishes, such as Tupperware. It might not be quite as fancy as nice dishes, but it’s a lot less hassle.

3 – Clean as you go

Honestly, “clean as you go” is great advice no matter how big your kitchen is.  It’s a way to fill in short time gaps during cooking, as well as reduce the amount of cleanup work afterward. However, if your kitchen is small, this is a necessity. If you clean as you go, you’ll have more counter space to work with, rather than having dirty dishes piling up.

4 – Use furniture for drinks/food display

Want to have a buffet-style spread of drinks? Put them on a coffee table, or TV dinner trays, or any other reasonably flat and stable surface. You could even put them in another room, if necessary, such as on a dresser in the bedroom.

5 – Protect your countertops!

During all the chaos, it’s easy to lose track of where you’re putting things – but this could easily damage your countertops. Many types of kitchen countertops are going to be vulnerable to staining and heat unless they’re granite or another sturdy stone. Always be aware of the surfaces you’re using. Get Kitchen Countertops for Your Charlotte, NC, Home Today
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